Kusoma Tu is an organisation committed to seeing people read the word of God so that they may know Christ and follow Him.


We hope to teach people of all ages to read the Bible so that they may know God for themselves.


We want to see literacy levels in schools with low or poor literacy levels improve.


We are partnering with various stakeholders to improve overall teaching standards within government or economically challenged schools.


Promoting adult literacy in economically challenged areas.


Building libraries and reading centres in communities in schools with limited, inadequate resources.


To reach people that through education, they bring the best out of themselves.


Imparting individuals with knowledge and resources to rise up out of their economical pit/depression and sustainably attain spiritual and economic development.


Empowering children and students of all capacities by providing uniforms, school fees, and other resources pertaining to education, so as to give them an equitable head start in life.


As an educator for the last four decades I am really passionate about teaching especially when it comes to reading because I realised that if you do not know how to read you cannot learn.

You have to learn to read so you can read to learn.


Kusoma Tu Foundation Trust was launched in 2009 following a conversation with a candidate waiting to begin her exams, who confessed that she couldn’t read or write. Kusoma Tu was established to respond to the needs of children in public schools who were completing primary school and had not learnt how to read.


Beginning with one volunteer with three books, Kusoma Tu established a reading intervention program at Kawangware and Jamuhuri primary schools in Nairobi County.  We worked mainly in Kawangware primary school, with support from individual and institutional partners like the Braeburn School and Nairobi Chapel. In the first five years, we were able to teach over 250 pupils how to read.


I believe that we can teach everyone to read using the phonics and stories that are told in away that the learner can relate to their environment. Over the years Kusoma Tu has developed a range of resources including a reading manual accompanied by learning materials customized for the African/Kenyan child. In order to learn to teach reading the “Kusoma Tu Way”, the organisation has further developed training programmes and a training manual to facilitate individuals and schools to be able to effectively utilize our reading manuals and accompanying materials.


We have developed a phonic and sensory based reading scheme consisting of training manuals, student workbooks, storybooks, flash cards, puzzles, games and visual learning resources all contextualized to the African setting.

Our reading scheme combines the different learning styles and is based on an multi-age level approach that ensures that every learner is catered for.