We are excited to partner with Open School Worldwide, who use volunteer tutors to use a curriculum which has been specially designed to teach disadvantaged children literacy and numeracy, and to equip them with the equivalent of a third grade education. Tutors meet with the children under a tree, in the shelter of a shack, on the edge of a dump … where­ ever they are found.

TeachBeyond believe that a Christ-centred education is a vital and powerful force for the transformation of individuals and community. TeachBeyond connects teachers, headteachers, dorm parents, and support staff with exciting educational opportunities around the world. God is using our members, their skills, and contexts to bring the light and healing of the Gospel to all—children, adults, leaders, and ministry workers alike in countries around the world.

ASAL extension Limited is an independent consultancy firm in Kenya offering its expertise in research, policy and strategic solutions for the Agricultural sector. Their mantra ‘Knowledge for Development’ embodies their commitment to ensure dryland communities become self-reliant through the use of knowledge and the adoption of appropriate technology.

Medical Missions Africa began in 2008 when a group of Christian Union executive officials from Medical Schools came together after campus with the desire to continue serving the community with their careers. After five months of prayer and seeking God’s direction, the idea solidified and they strongly felt that the medical mission will be the answer to reach out to the communities. During the same period, the very first leadership.